Digital Taipei - Bridging the Gap between Industry & Education

I always see myself right in the middle between the animation education and industry. I am that invisible line connecting these two important dots. Often times, I get to share what I know at different animation film festivals. This summer, I found myself speaking the same topic but in Mandarin at “Digital Taipei 2019”, a B2B trade fair of digital content industry of Taiwan. My presentation is called “Bridging the Gap between Animation Industry and Education” where I got to share what my experience has been like working at School of Visual Arts as an educator and my take on working with the animation industry leaders, recruiters, and artists on fostering talent.

During this one-day forum, there are also many speakers sharing their expertise, including LeSean Thomas, Director and Creator of Cannon Busters on Netflix, leaders of the industries from Bilibili, HTC Vive Originals, Greener Grass Production, Tracking Troops VFX and Jonathan Lin, Modeler at DreamWorks Animation.

Special thanks to Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in the US and its Investment and Trade Office for making this trip happen.

Hsiang Chin Moe