Women in Animation NYC Chapter Relaunch

Nope, never busy enough, especially for the right cause! Two days after I got back from a month-long trip to Asia, I found myself back in NY in a room full of passionate creatives who share the same goal of supporting everyone in the creative industry. I can’t be more grateful for the opportunity to work alongside of everyone. Happy WIA NYC!

So… how did this start?… Earlier this year, in a restaurant in Stuttgart, Germany, Deb Stone, Director of Recruiting & Talent Development and I sat down for a quick lunch during this crazy and fun week of FMX Conference. The conversation of Women in Animation was brought up and very quickly within months, two of us plus Mark Osborne, Director, Writer, Producer and Animator, formed the leadership team as Co-Leads with the goal of relaunching the WIA NYC Chapter, which was originally established by Lisa Goldman, Animation Content Creator and Writer and a dear mentor of mine. Our mission is to continue the legacy that Lisa has built and bring the creative community in the NYC area closer for greater support of women in the industry.

The support comes from all corners of different studios and schools, especially SVA & Blue Sky Studios. The relaunch party was amazingly successful and we can’t thank the members, both new and existing, for making it possible. Cheers to an exciting 2019 for all of us.

Photo credits - @antelmostudio & Shunya Chang

A Month Long Outreach Trip to Asia - Tokyo, Seoul and Taipei

There is no easy way to pack for this trip! 8,000 miles away, I found myself in three amazing cities along with my SVA colleague in Asia. According to SVA report, during this fast-paced tour, we met over 140 alumni (representing 17 degree programs), 80 students from eight different schools (more than 100 more from schools I personally visited), 12 companies and 5 libraries. Read the full recap on SVA website.

In addition to SVA main outreach trip, I set aside some time to visit a few schools on my own and they are: Myongji University, National Taiwan Normal University, Shih Chien University, University of Taipei, and Kuando International Animation Festival hosted by Taipei National University of the Arts.

Needless to say, I am very grateful for this opportunity for me to reconnect with SVA alumni, industry leaders and most importantly my dear friends. I miss you all very much and look forward to another fun reunion in the very near future. Cheers!

Annual Trip to Annecy - Busy and Fun as Always!

2018 marks the 6th year I’ve been attending Annecy International Animated Film Festival and I am proud to say that this trip is the most insanely productive and busy of all. I was incredibly fortunate to be able to moderate two panels with such great opportunities working with all the studios while representing SVA.

For the “Crafting Your Future in Animation/VFX” panel, it is very close to my heart because helping out talents is what I enjoy the most at SVA. As an educator, there is nothing more satisfying to see students and talents from all over the world learn, grow and find their ways in their future artistic careers. For this panel, I got to work with recruiters from LAIKA, Illumination Entertainment, Illumination Mac Guff and Titmouse!

As for the “Tickling Your Brain with VR panel, it was a great challenge for me to mix such different professional points of view on the topic of VR and they are researcher, tool-maker, artist, filmmaker, director and producer. No one has all the right answers to everything yet, technically speaking so it was fun to hear from all experts. The hardest part of me is to have two sets of questions for the panels because how different their perspectives are. At the end of the panel, I shared a photograph of my grandmother who is now 94 years old. It is her sitting on her bed playing with her iPad. She comes from the generation that there wasn't even electricity when growing up but she now finds company in this white electronic box in her hands. I think VR is the same thing that we will take for granted in the very near future.

More more recap, please visit SVA’s write-up here.

Hsiang Chin Moe
Denim Dudettes in NYC

Published by Rizzoli, Amy Leverton, the denim fortune teller, gathers a group of denim dudettes to show how denim inspires the creativity and trends around the world. Yup! I am in it!

Special thanks to lovely friend, Ponytail Journal for the great write-up about all of us in NYC. Read more here.

What? You want a copy too?! Awww… here it is!

Hsiang Chin Moe
Young Voice's "Virtual Reality" Lecture at Taipei Film Festival

Fubon Art Foundation once again collaborated with the Taipei Film Festival and launched a series of lectures for teenagers to be selected to be the jurors of the year. The lecture series included 5 feature films and 8 short films in addition to a special topic on “Storytelling in Virtual Reality” by Hsiang Chin Moe.

Hsiang Chin Moe
Insights from NYC Creative Technology Labs & Studios

During Creative Tech Week in 2016, I was invited to be on the panel representing School of Visual Arts along with fellow artists and educators from Eyebeam, Parsons School of Design and NYC Media Lab. We got to share what is in R&D and what’s trending in digital media, interaction design and multidisciplinary collaborations. To read more, visit Amy Chen’s blog.

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Hsiang Chin Moe